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New Holiday Story: Whence Comes This Rush?

In Girithron of 2941, Thranduil celebrates the Solstice holiday and gets a special gift. Thranduil: Legolas: OCs. Rated PG.

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For Ignoble Bard: Dark of the Moon

During the Dead Days, Legolas and a friend uncover a mystery on the eastern edges of the wood. Written for the birthday of my steadfast beta-reader, Ignoble Bard. Horror. Legolas; Original characters. Rated T for general creepiness.

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New Story: Elves in Space (or Not . . .)

On a Florida beach in 1962, a young woman witnesses history . . . and something more. Drama set in the Not Fade Away series. Thranduil, Galion, Legolas, Original characters. Rated T.
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Daughter of the Forest

Evil King Thranduil chastises his 'favorite' guard. A tongue-in-cheek commentary on the new Hobbit movies, set in the Not Fade Away universe. Rated T for innuendo.

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Happy Birthday, Ignoble Bard: Hope

Summary: In honor of the birthday of my stalwart beta-reader, Ignoble Bard, a LOTR take on a classic tale by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Legolas spends Mid-summer's Night in the woods of Ithilien. Legolas; Aragorn; Gandalf. PG-13 AU

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Beruthiel, A Love Story

Not your Average Legomance. Legolas; Thranduil; Original Character. Rated PG-13.

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2011 MEFA Results

Yes, it's that time of year!

Golden (Modern Times: General): Third Place

Halls of Stone (Cross-Cultural: Elder Days): First Place, Smaug's Treasure

The Orc's Claw (Horror: General): First Place, Smaug's Treasure

The Thorn Gate (Humor: Mirkwood Elves): Second Place, Smaug's Treasure

We Three Kings (Post-Ring War and Beyond: Elves or Dwarves): First Place, Smaug's Treasure

I'd like to thank everyone who nominated and reviewed me!


New Story: Haru

A simple trip to the brook to fetch water -- what could go wrong? Written for the birthday of my stalwart beta-reader, Ignoble Bard. Original characters. Horror rated PG-13.

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New Archive

In the aftermath of the LOTRFF disaster, I have joined a new archive, Esteliel's Faerie.

I'll be posting my stories there slowly but surely over the course of the next few weeks.

LOTRFF Archive

Because of concerns with the change of ownership at Lord of the Rings Fanfiction Archive, I have removed all my stories from that site and asked that my account be deleted.


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